All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go…

As a travel focused account I’ve been faced with the issue of… what am I going to post about? I can’t travel, and there are only so many photos I have of my travels that are of good enough quality to share with you all.

So I decided I would utilize this time to practice my own photography skills by learning the art of the #advancedselfie.

The reason why it is important to me to learn how to take my own photographs is to not have to rely on hiring a professional photographer at every destination I visit. As much as I LOVE working with professional photographers, I want to have the skill of taking a photograph of myself whenever and wherever I want to.

This skill involves using a tripod, a bluetooth shutter remote, and a phone. It also requires the confidence to set up a self-photoshoot in front of strangers… this is the part in working on. Below are some of the items I use for my advanced selfies (not an advertisement, these are exact products I purchased and used).

I need to work up the nerve to pull out my tripod at a landmark and confidently take multiple photos of myself, while making it look like someone else took the photo for me. ⠀

Have you practiced the art of advanced selfies or have done a self photoshoot? Let me know in comments 📸

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