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“I was given the opportunity to experience a one-hour coaching call and it was life-changing. She has the ability to zero in on the shift you can make to align your goal into a reality. I just started my own business and wanted to make sure that daily I do all the things that are required to be productive and propel my business into a success. She literally helped me plan my day from when I wake up till the end of the day and put it on my Google calendar to incorporate all the things I need to do daily. Now when I wake up am propelled to accomplish each thing, since she set that intention with me, I feel a responsibility to do keep going.  My days are much more productive and filled with purpose to accomplish the goals I have set. Since our appointment, I have clarity, and every day I have the results from the work I have done. Alessia has a rare gift of grace, being able to zero on the essential things and give you the tools to get it done in a real and thoughtful way. It was a clarifying, almost spiritual experience. I highly recommend Alessia of One Girl Travel, she has a rare gift to share.”