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One Girl Travel Podcast has hit the airwaves and I'm so excited to take our conversations to a deeper level. I'm personally more of a story-teller than a writer, so this podcast is the perfect fit!







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Let's take the trip of a lifetime together 

Welcome to the One Girl Travel podcast. Your passport to the world of solo travel. With certified life and travel coach Alessia Tenebruso. Join Alessia as she shares her own journey of self-discovery through solo travel while also focusing on topics such as life coaching insights and travel tips along the way. 

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Ready to Say "Yes" to Your Desires and Feel Confident Traveling The World Solo?

I am so excited you're here! The One Girl Travel Podcast is a collection of episodes focusing on solo travel, confidence, thought-work, the solo travel lifestyle, and more!

you're in the right place.

Jimmy Buffett loving, introverted extrovert, who will have fun no matter where she is.

I help women find the confidence to embrace their travel desires.

I’m Alessia, a Certified Life Coach and the founder of One Girl Travel.. Enneagram 7 and 2, and a textbook Libra... I live for a good time, thrive off live music, and love a good afternoon sunshine-in-your-face nap.

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Kind Words

“Alessia has a rare gift of grace, being able to zero on the essential things and give you the tools to get it done in a real and thoughtful way. It was a clarifying, almost spiritual experience. I highly recommend Alessia of One Girl Travel, she has a rare gift to share

— Theresa

"I had an amazing time working with Alessia at One Girl Travel. She is so supportive, knowledgeable and easy to talk to and share with. She is compassionate and really takes her time to understand. She gave me really solid and practical advice for my upcoming trip as well as helped me to release some limiting beliefs around my fear of traveling alone. I’m excited to work with her again in the future.”"

— Krista

"Alessia has a very lovely, calming personality that grounds my scattered nature. She is able to think of solutions and poses questions to help me understand what I need to do to achieve my goals."

— ally


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