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Unique Things to do in Paris

The first time I visited Paris was a combination of traveling solo and participating in a retreat. Intentionally, I arrived a few days early to experience Paris alone before joining the other travelers in my retreat group. During the few days of experiencing Paris for the first time by myself, I could only compare it […]

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Discover the best solo travel destinations in the world with One Girl Travel and Revel! youtube Collaboration with revel If this is your first time hearing about Revel, let me introduce you! Revel is a YouTube channel that is the world’s best destination for adventurers & explorers, artists & romantics, and the curious & the […]

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When Travel is Not an Option…Read! Currently the world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. We are told to stay in our homes, practice social distancing, and take all precautions against passing this virus around. Travel has been put on hold, and trips are being cancelled. It is a tough time, but we will get […]

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I went to Paris looking for answers, to questions that bothered me so… well, I did! But those are actually Jimmy Buffett’s lyrics. As an official Parrothead (I pay dues and everything) it was a divine intervention when sitting at the Jimmy Buffett Jones Beach concert , I discovered that JB will be playing his […]

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I live for a good time, thrive off live music, and love a good afternoon sunshine-in-your-face nap.

Hi, my name is Alessia, and I live on Long Island, NY. I am a solo traveler, baker, artist, gardener, and all-around good-time-haver. Most importantly, I believe anyone, especially women, can do anything they set their minds to

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