Getting Around Town

What’s the best way to explore a new city when you are by yourself? Walk it out… (or run if you feel so inclined.)

This fall I traveled to Charleston,SC for my friends wedding. I purposely arrived one day before most of my friends so I could spend some time exploring on my own. One of my favorite perks about traveling alone is doing whatever I want, whenever I want. As much as I love spending time with my friends, it can be difficult to navigate a group of people through a city while hitting all the places everyone wants to see.

Before I headed out, I asked the hotel’s front desk employee about places I should check out. He provided me with a map and showed me a route I could follow by foot. I made sure to ask about how safe the area was and if there were any areas I should avoid. When you are traveling alone safety should be your main concern. Once I felt comfortable with where I was going, I was able to enjoy so much of what Charleston had to offer by walking through the city.

Put some comfortable shoes on, and start walking!

Let me know in comments your favorite destination that was easy to maneuver by walking.

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