My Experience with Retro Tour Paris

November 4, 2019

One of the many things I wanted to experience in Paris, was a private tour. There are plenty of options to chose from, but the most unique experience was on a motorcycle side car with Retro Tours Paris.  The tour options available are:


I decided to experience The Great Escape. A 1.5hr private tour through the Montmartre district. The day I decided to do the tour, I had a photoshoot planned for that morning at the Eiffel Tower. Due to the President of France’s funeral that morning, all roads back to my hotel were blocked off. Which meant, I couldn’t get back to my hotel to meet my driver like I had originally planned. I frantically called Retro Tour and explained to them the situation, and they told me it wasn’t a problem, and my driver met me at a nearby café. My driver Max picked me up, and may have been caught off guard by my outfit. You see, I was planning on going back to my hotel to change from the photoshoot and grab my GoPro, but instead, I climbed into a motorcycle side car in a bright red jumpsuit, faux-fur black coat, jewelry and heels. In this moment, I thought about my mentor Tonya Leigh’s motto “French kiss life” … that is exactly what I was doing in that moment. As soon as we started down the road, after a few people snapped some photos of me and my ensemble in a side car, I knew that I chose the right tour for me.

We zipped through the streets of Paris all while Max kept me informed of whatever interesting site we were passing by. The adrenaline of being (kind of) on a motorcycle for the first time, and feeling the Parisian air whipping my face made me smile from ear to ear. I loved being so close to everything!! Max eventually drove us up to the top of Montmartre where I was able to take a few minutes and walk around. I can’t imagine a better way to get to the top of Montmartre!

The 1.5 hours of the Great Escape tour allowed me to see so much. When it came time for Max to drop me off at my hotel, I wished I had more time to drive around and explore more of Paris. The next time I am in Paris I will be sure to book either the Paris by Night tour or the 3.5 hour Tailor Cut tour. I would highly recommend Retro Tours if you are looking for a fun and exciting way to tour around Paris. You will not be disappointed!

You can book your own side car tour here: https://www.retro-tour.com/en/paris/our-tours/ (I am in no way affiliated with Retro Tour)

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