“Why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer”

March 5, 2020

Yes I did just quote Pee Wee Herman, but let’s move on…

In my opinion photos are extremely important. They help me remember things and people throughout my life, and the also bring me so much joy when I scroll through photos of my travels.

Usually when traveling I am in sensory overload. Let’s use Scotland as an example: there are bagpipes playing, there is incredible architecture everywhere I look, and flocks of people with accents to swoon over… it can be excitement overload!

This is why I take pictures of pretty much everything I see. I don’t want to forget how beautiful it is!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not keep my phone glued to me the entire trip. I enjoy the moment, capture the photo and continue to enjoy the moment.

I tend to post my photos at the end of the day for two reasons:

1- Safety: when you are traveling (alone especially) it is in your best interest to not post your exact location. You never want to be a target, so I avoid this completely and wait until I’m safely in my hotel for the night to post photos to my public accounts.

2- ENJOY THE MOMENT!! You’re at this destination because you most likely had the desire to be there… enjoy every moment of it! If you order a delicious meal and it’s #instagramworthy, appreciate its beauty, snap a quick photo, put your phone away and enjoy your gorgeous meal.

Having photos of yourself, as a solo traveler, can be a challenge. You can always take the traditional long-arm selfie, attempt the use of a selfie stick (if you do, I suggest using them in in crowded outdoor areas), learn how to take #advancedselfies like I am (using @sorelleamore #AdvancedSelfieUniversity) , ask a trustworthy stranger to snap a pic, or hire a professional photographer to capture some special moments.

Either way, come home from your trip with photos of yourself. I know too many women that will decline when I ask if they want me to take their photo for them, and tell me “I don’t take pictures of myself.” I beg of you, take the picture (even if you are the only one that sees it)

Do you enjoy taking travel photos? What are your thoughts on photos of yourself while on vacation? Let me know in comments.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I agree, take the photo!! When I went to Italy I could imagine not capturing on film what I was experiencing. For me it was videos too that I loved. I wanted others to feel what I was feeling…..to see what I was seeing….to imagine them there with me experiencing it too. I wanted to be their eyes.

    • alessialisa says:

      Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for your comment! I love that you took videos. I need to take more videos when I travel, because I absolutely agree with you… videos provide an in depth window into your experience while traveling and it is such a great way to share that experience with others. Hopefully we can all travel soon! Take care xo

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