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Portrait of the Solo Traveler

April 23, 2020

I get asked often “how do you have these photo of yourself if you travel alone?”

Well, dear friends… there are many ways to capture photos of yourself while traveling solo.

For instance:

In Paris I booked a professional photographer @Iheartparisfr, to take photos of me at the Eiffel Tower and at a café. I wanted professional photographs to capture this trip, as it was my first time in Paris and it was a trip I waited several years to go on. This was a big moment for me, and I wanted to stand in a gown, at the Eiffel Tower, and have photos to show how happy and excited I was.

I was also lucky enough to be photographed by another professional photographer, @Ianholmesphotography in Paris, at an incredible Parisian flat overlooking Notre Dame. I have shared a few of the photos on Instagram, but these photos were more for me and my self-growth and self-awareness.

In Scotland, I booked an Instagram photo tour with my friend, @IanGBlack whom not only gave a wonderful tour of beautiful locations in Scotland, but he also took so many gorgeous portrait photos of me all over Scotland.

While I was in Scotland, I also took two tours with @EdinburghBlackCabTours. The first tour was based on the filming locations of the hit show Outlander, and the second tour was Highland based. On both tours, my incredible tour guide John, took photos of me at all of the amazing destinations we visited. So if you take a tour, don’t be shy to ask your guide to snap some photos.

When you go to all-inclusive resorts or a cruise, they will have professional photographers on site, where you can either schedule photo shoots or you can take a photo at a photo check point area on the ship or at the resort.

And of course, the option of asking a stranger is also a great way to get photos of yourself. This an area I struggle with. I feel awkward enough in front of a professional photographer and now I am trying to pose for a random stranger… it doesn’t feel comfortable for me. BUT… the whole point of solo traveling is to push yourself out of your comfort zone, so I do it anyway. Ideally, you want to find someone that looks capable of taking a good photo, and whom won’t run off with your camera or phone. I tend to look for other solo travelers or groups trying to take selfies of themselves, and that’s when I jump in and ask if they want me to take the photo for them, and in return I ask them to take a photo of myself (sometimes they will offer to take my photo without me asking).

Finally there is the ultimate solo traveler photography tip of taking the photo yourself. The advanced selfie is a skill developed by @SorelleAmore. I am currently taking her Advanced Selfie University course to master my selfie taking skills. Now, typically people think of a selfie as holding out your arm or selfie stick, and getting weird angle/half cut off face shots. Well, the advanced selfie is so much more than that. It involves timers, tripods, and even drones. The advanced selfie is a photo you take yourself, but looks like someone else is taking it for you. As much as I love having a professional photographer take my photo, it is not a realistic option for every trip I go on. I need to be capable of taking decent photos of myself, and that is why I practice, take courses, and buy the equipment. You need to put in the time to learn a new skill.

I hope these tips provide you with some options and inspiration to capture yourself while on your solo vacation.

Most importantly… take photos of yourself! Too many times, especially with women, I hear “I don’t take pictures of myself” and it breaks my heart. I love going through my photos and seeing myself happy, excited, scared, and in wonderment while on my trips, and I cannot imagine not having them to look back on. So please, take the selfie.. or hire a professional, whatever … just capture it!



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