How Solo Travel Changed my Life

June 7, 2020

How an “insult” predicted my future:

“why don’t you GO AND BE A strong independent woman, LIKE oPRAH”

Twice… twice in my life I was told this phrase from a boyfriend (obviously ex boyfriend now). It wasn’t said as a compliment, no, they told me to be a strong independent woman, like Oprah as an insult.

Honestly the first time I heard it said, I laughed. How can you use becoming a strong woman to be an insult?! But the second time, I was baffled! What are the odds that two men would say this to me, years apart from each other?

Hearing someone I cared about (at the time) say this to me, in a venomous tone not only verified the fact that he was not the right person for me, but I was outwardly showing myself as the independent woman I wanted to be.

Solo travel is what helped me become the independent woman I am today. Before I started traveling alone in 2012, I was not the epitome of strong or independent. Yes I was courageous with some factors of my life, but there were other factors of not speaking up, not going anywhere alone, depending on others for my happiness, that I was not proud of.

How Solo Travel Changed My Life:

Booking my first trip was the beginning of my growth. I learned to make decisions for myself, I learned to put myself first and to create my own happiness. No longer do I depend on someone to go anywhere with me, If I want to go, I go. I am no longer am shy and meek when it comes to standing up for what I believe in, or what I want.

Thanks to the experiences of my past, and those “insults,” I have developed the strong independent woman qualities, that I have admired for so long in Oprah.

Cheers to all the strong independent women out there… may we all strive to be like Oprah!


Alessia Lisa

If you would like to learn more about how I started to solo traveling, check out my About Me post https://onegirltravel.com/2019/10/25/about-me/

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