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10 Solo Travel Safety Tips

August 1, 2021

One of the biggest concerns for travelers, especially women travelers, is safety while solo traveling. Navigating an unfamiliar destination can feel overwhelming, which is why I put together this list of 10 solo travel safety tips you can use to help ease your mind and allow you to focus on enjoying your trip!

10 Solo Travel Safety Tips

1. Research your destination to see if it is friendly to solo travelers, especially for women.

2. Provide family and friends with your itinerary, flight information, hotel name and address, and any other information of people/places you plan to be with it and visit.

3. I personally hire a car service to pick me up from the airport to avoid being scammed or getting into an unofficial vehicle.

4. Check in daily with a family member or friend to let them know you’re back in your room safe.

5. Never say your hotel room number out loud, and be vigilant about making sure nobody is lurking in the hallway or your room upon arrival.

6. Avoid telling people you’re traveling alone.

7. Stay alert by not wearing headphones and not be consumed by your phone.

8. Use the GPS feature on your phone to allow your family to track you, if necessary.

9. For additional peace of mind, you can purchase a personal alarm that releases a loud siren and flashing light or an alarm door jam to use in your hotel room.

10. Carry a crossbody bag with a zipper (or even better, a bag that has safety features included such: as smart zipper security and cut-resistant materials that protect your belongings, cut-resistant anchor strap secures around a fixed object to protect your bag, passport pocket with RFID blocking to protect your personal details, and more.)

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Solo travel should be a fun experience! Be prepared and enjoy your trip!

For additional safety tips, check out: How to (Safely) Travel Solo – One Girl Travel

What other travel safety tips would you add to this list? Please share them inWhat other travel safety tips would you add to this list? I would love it if you could please share them in the comments.

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