30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

October 30, 2021

  • Day 1. Say ‘Thank You’ throughout the day: From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to tasting that first cup of coffee, use “Thank You” as your mantra to show appreciation and gratitude to all the small moments throughout your day.
  • Day 2. Tell your parents (or any member of your family) You Love Them
  • Day 3. Call your Best Friend: Even better, video chat with them!
  • Day 4. Reminisce on the good parts of your job. (If you struggle with this one, think about: do you receive a paycheck? Insurance? Have a co-worker you enjoy being around? All of these examples can be used to show gratitude towards your job.)
  • Day 5. Be grateful for your body: What is something about your body you appreciate? And do not say “there is nothing” because I know there is something about your body you can be thankful for. Do you have strong legs? Hardworking hands? Kind eyes? Take a moment and look at yourself and admire what you see. While you do this, say “thank you” for all the things about yourself that you are grateful for.
  • Day 6. Spoil yourself: Use this day to do whatever you want, free of self-judgment. Do you want to say in bed all day, binge a season of a new show, take a bath, etc.? Do it!
  • Day 7. Tell someone you love them
  • Day 8. Take a day off from your life’s mission: It’s ok to take a break now and then. Maybe skip posting on social media for your business, or take a personal day off to reflect on all you have already achieved.
  • Day 9. Send a thank-you note: The recipient always appreciates a handwritten note, but as long as you express your thanks to someone is what truly matters.
  • Day 10. Reach out to someone you admire from afar: Is there someone on Instagram that makes your day with their comedy sketches? Are constantly inspired by the woman on the subway who always has the best outfits. Whoever they are, reach out and let them know you appreciate them.
  • Day 11. Share something that made you Laugh: Feel free to share it in the comment section of this post!
  • Day 12. Meditate on your happiest memory: Sit or lay down wherever you are comfortable. Close your eyes and think about a time in your life that you were filled with joy. Notice how you felt and let that happiness radiate through your body. When your mediation is complete, I recommend taking a moment to journal about the experience and think of ways to feel that joy in your life more often.
  • Day 13. Take a thankful pause: Pausing and truly being present in a moment will help you appreciate what’s happening. Pause, absorb, and give thanks.
  • Day 14. List your five best personality traits: I know you can find more than 5, so have fun with this one!
  • Day 15. List a friend’s five best personality traits: Showing gratitude towards others is always an excellent way of refreshing our outlook and appreciation. Once you complete your list, why not share those traits with your friend and make their day!
  • Day 16. Reminisce about a stroke of luck: Has there been a time that you’ve gotten lucky? How did it feel? By showing gratitude to those moments, you can attract more luck into your life.
  • Day 17. Remember the best compliment you received: Let’s hear it! I’d love it if you shared it in the comment section.
  • Day 18. Reminisce on a life lesson.
  • Day 19. Reminisce on something you’re looking forward to: Do you have something exciting coming up? Enjoy every moment of the anticipation and excitement for whatever you are looking forward to.
  • Day 20. Write a list of ten things in your life you are grateful for.
  • Day 21. Show gratitude to your local community: You can do this by supporting local small businesses, picking up trash, volunteering, etc.
  • Day 22. Take photos of the world around you: Sometimes, we go on auto-pilot to the things we do and see every day. Today be mindful when you go through your day and snap a photo of anything that makes you take notice.
  • Day 23. Pay it forward: Hold a door, help a stranger, pay for the person behind you on the coffee line are a few examples of how you can pay the generosity forward.
  • Day 24. Practice daily affirmations: A simple and powerful affirmation you can tell yourself is “You are strong, you are beautiful, you are ____ (list any other traits you love about yourself), and you got this.”
  • Day 25. Savor your food: Truly be present the next time you eat.
  • Day 26. Praise a person you look up to:
  • Day 27. Clean out your closet: More isn’t always better. Take some time and go through your closet. Whatever you feel no longer serves you, show the item gratitude by simply saying “thank you” or thinking about a time you enjoyed it, and then dispose of it. You can donate gently worn items, which will provide you with only things you love and will wear in your closet, and provide clothes to someone that may need them.
  • Day 28. Use turnarounds: When you catch yourself doing something wrong, and the first thought that comes to mind is “you’re so stupid” or any other negative thought, take a moment and ask yourself, “is that true?” Most likely, it is not true, and it was simply a mistake. Show yourself grace by saying, “it’s ok, I’m learning,” or whatever applies to your situation and move on. Remember, talk to yourself like you would your best friend.
  • Day 29. Create a positivity playlist: If you signed up for the November newsletter, you would have access to the One Girl Travel November playlist filled with all my favorite songs that help me feel grateful for everything in my life.
  • Day 30. Buy a gratitude journal: Consistency with anything will help you create results. If you want to create a life full of possibilities and where you accomplish your goals, then an attitude of gratitude will help you get there. In the November newsletter, I have included a daily gratitude journal that you can access for free. Use it, or purchase a journal to show gratitude every day for everything in your life.

Did you complete the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge? If so, please share what you enjoyed the most, and which challenges were more difficult for you, and why.

With that being said, I have to let you know how grateful I am for you for being a part of the One Girl Travel community, and I look forward to creating more content for you next month!

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