Guest Podcast: The Life Coach School

March 14, 2024

What to expect in this podcast episode:

1. Introduction to Alessia Tenebruso and the Concept of Solo Travel

   – Alessia Tenebruso’s background and role as a travel and life coach

   – The empowering nature of solo travel for personal growth

   – The appeal of solo travel for women

2. Host and Guest Personal Experiences

   – Alessia’s journey starting with a solo trip to Florida after an abusive relationship

   – Brooke Castillo’s past emotional struggles and solo travel experiences

   – Personal growth and self-discovery through spending time alone

3. Challenges and Benefits of Solo Travel

   – Overcoming safety concerns and loneliness

   – The importance of mindfulness and facing fears

   – The role of solo travel in building self-confidence and comfort with being alone

4. Strategies for Starting Solo Travel

   – Transitioning from group to solo travel for self-development

   – Utilizing group activities to step outside the comfort zone

   – The advantages of having a structured theme for connection, such as pickleball camp

5. Embracing the Authentic Solo Travel Experience

   – The freedom of not following a strict itinerary in destinations like Scotland

   – The importance of following personal interests over popular tourist attractions

   – The value of time for relaxation and not feeling guilty about hotel stays

6. The True Essence of Solo Travel

   – Learning about personal likes and dislikes

   – The experience of dining and traveling alone

   – Realizing that emptiness cannot be filled with external factors

7. “One Girl Travel” Business and Empowerment

   – Turning solo travel experiences into a business

   – Coaching and membership programs focused on empowering women

   – Encouraging women to engage in solo activities regardless of relationship status

8. Discussion on Individual Preferences and Balance

   – Balancing relaxation and activities during solo travel

   – Addressing the guilt of traveling alone without partners or children

   – The importance of budget management for solo travelers

9. The Impact of Solo Travel on Everyday Life

   – Incorporating insights from solo travel into daily self-care and reflection

   – Developing self-love and a positive self-image through travel

Blog Post

      Through my transformative solo travel experiences, I’ve cultivated a profound passion to inspire other women to embark on their own solo adventures. My journey began in the wake of a mentally abusive relationship that left me feeling lost and dependent. I was in my twenties and I desperately needed to rediscover who I was. With a heart full of determination and a spirit seeking independence, I embarked on my inaugural solo trip to Florida. It was an experience that opened my eyes to the world of possibilities that solo travel could offer, and it was catalytic in redefining my relationship with myself.

      Throughout my travels, I’ve learned to appreciate the freedoms of solo exploration, from the serendipitous interactions with strangers to the empowering moments of self-discovery. I recall one particular trip where I had nothing planned upon my arrival in magical Scotland. The spontaneity of that trip allowed me to immerse myself fully in the culture and surroundings, paving the way for unexpected and delightful experiences.

      Over time, my love for solo travel has evolved into a business, one girl travel, where I coach and empower women to find confidence in their ability to venture alone. Through my one girl travel club, monthly lessons, and coaching, I aim to invigorate women to embrace solo activities without the need for companionship. I even host group trips, which serve as an intermediary step for many women to ease into the concept of solo travel.

      At the core of all this is the belief that solo travel isn’t just about the destinations visited; it’s about the internal journey towards self-love, self-care, and personal growth. By learning positive self-talk and embracing one’s own company, one can truly come to love and appreciate themselves on a deeper level.

      I encourage everyone to consider the life-changing potential of solo travel. It may start with a simple solo dinner or a night in a local hotel, but the ripple effects can reshape your perspective on life, relationships, and self-worth. For those interested in taking the plunge, you can find resources, coaching, and group trip information on my website at onegirltravel.com, as well as connect with me on Instagram at one girl_travel. Solo travel is a profound act of self-love, and it’s my mission to guide more women toward that realization.

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