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How One Girl Travel Club is Revolutionizing the Art of Enjoying Life Introduction: A Pathway to Happiness Hello, my friends, and welcome! Today, we delve into a topic that is both incredibly important and incredibly fun – how to make the world your playground. Inspired by my latest masterclass announcement and my personal journey of […]

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Are you ready to have more fun? Join me in my new Make the World Your Playground Masterclass this month! Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to add more fun into your life. Whether you’re juggling a busy career, personal responsibilities, or both, it’s essential to carve out time for fun! To help […]

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Join Alessia Tenebruso in Episode 78 of the One Girl Travel podcast as she dives into the top things to avoid when you’re on a cruise. Ensure your next cruise vacation is hassle-free and enjoyable by learning from Alessia’s firsthand experience and expert tips.

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Keeping a Travel Journal of Your Summer Vacation Summer is a magical time. For many, this season provides that once-a-year opportunity to travel somewhere exciting, exotic or relaxing. You may get to spend time with friends or family, or even luxuriate in a few days all by yourself. Regardless of the type of summer vacation […]

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Alessia dives deep into the challenges of authenticity in a curated social media world. Sharing personal struggles, she emphasizes the importance of committing to oneself and being kind yet disciplined. Whether it’s starting solo travel, accomplishing simple daily tasks, or planning new adventures, Alessia encourages listeners to prioritize their desires and make meaningful changes despite discomfort.

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Welcome to the summer season! As the temperature rises and the days lengthen, it’s the perfect time to embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. After months of hard work and dedication, treating yourself to a well-deserved vacation can do wonders for your overall well-being.

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Vacations can be a great opportunity to do more reading. If you want to make sure you really crack the books you bring along, these are some steps you can take before you leave home and while you’re on your break. Steps To Take Before Your Vacation: Read on a daily basis. You’re more likely […]

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How to Maintain Travel Joy at Home Discover practical strategies to combat post-vacation sadness and make everyday life feel like an adventure. Traveling can be a transformative experience, filled with joy, exploration, and unforgettable moments. However, coming back to reality often leaves us with a feeling known as “the travel blues.” This emotional slump, experienced […]

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Maybe you haven’t been on a vacation in years. Or maybe you’ve been on vacation, but they’ve proven to be less than thrilling due to your financial situation. It’s possible to save for a dream vacation, even if your income is modest. Whether you’re dreaming of basking on a Hawaiian beach or trekking to the Mount Everest basecamp, there’s a way to get there.

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The Journey to Self-Discovery and Confidence The Spark of New Beginnings In life, we often find ourselves at the precipice of new beginnings—moments that beckon us to start fresh, to embrace change, and to step into roles we might have shied away from. Whether it’s revisiting old passions or exploring new horizons, the courage to […]

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Hi, my name is Alessia, and I live on Long Island, NY. I am a solo traveler, baker, artist, gardener, and all-around good-time-haver. Most importantly, I believe anyone, especially women, can do anything they set their minds to

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