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The Solo Travel Lifestyle

If you have a list of goals you want to achieve, places to go, or things you want to do and you’re tired of waiting around for someone to join you… You are ready to embrace the solo travel lifestyle.

What Is The Solo Travel Lifestyle?

The solo travel lifestyle is more than taking a trip by yourself.

It’s the embodiment of:

  • Confidence – Knowing you are capable of achieving anything you desire.
  • Independence – Taking the lead role of your life, and not waiting for anyone else to join you.
  • Self-love – Becoming your own best friend.
  • Fun – Enjoying everything that life has to offer.

The solo travel lifestyle is everything you experience when solo traveling, but implementing it into your everyday life!

Start living life on your terms!


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– Ally

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My name is Alessia, and I am a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and the owner of One Girl Travel LLC. One Girl Travel is a solo travel focused life coaching company that helps empower women to live the life they desire.


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